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Brass Pocket Ruler

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Why use a Cody Gregory Pocket Ruler?

Cody Gregory values precision, accuracy, and efficiency in his tools.  This ruler is specially designed for everyday use at the horse.

Lean Design

  • At 8 inches long, this ruler is set up to fit easily into an apron or pant pocket.

Double Sided

  • On the top left side of the ruler there are letters [R H on one side and L H on the other]. They are designed to be marked with a sharpie during use. R stands for "Right" and H stands for "Hind" so you know which foot or side of a horse you're working on.
  • Easily wipe the ruler off with a little rubbing alcohol

Great for Competitors

  • Conveniently sized for quick and efficient use.  Use a sharpie at the horse to mark foot width, length, and heel width at the horse.