E4 Forepunch

Cody Gregory, LLC


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Why use a Cody Gregory Forepunch?

Cody Gregory values precision, accuracy, and durability in his tools.  This forepunch delivers; it is well designed and easy to use.

Slender Design

  • Lots of forepunches have a bulky striking surface.  This makes it harder to see tool placement and alignment.  Cody’s forepunch has a proportional size for the striking surface, not too big or too small.

Low Maintenance, Personal Touch

  • Cody’s forepunch has a welded mild steel handle with a rubber grip, eliminating the need to replace and maintain handles
  • Each handle has a hand forged heel check

Methodical Hardening Process, H13 Steel

  • Every tool goes through a systematic heat treatment using modern metallurgy techniques and equipment. Cody’s methods are meticulous and supported by scientific data. 
  • Optimal grain structure has been confirmed by microscopic evaluation. No guesswork here!
  • All forepunches are made from high quality H13 tool steel