Cody Gregory Shoeing Box
Cody Gregory Shoeing Box
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Shoeing Box

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Cody is in the shop!  Release date will be posted soon.

Why use a Cody Gregory Shoeing Box?

Efficiency, speed, and organization are crucial skills for a farrier.  Your shoeing box should reflect that.

Easy to Optimize

  • Individual compartments for each tool make working and traveling easy.
  • No more tools getting jumbled while driving to a job.
  • When your tools are always in the same place, reaching for them becomes second nature.  This will give you an edge in everyday work or at competition.

Practical Design

  • The box boasts a folding handle and a compartment for nails that closes.  Additionally it has a small hole for a locking pin to keep the lid shut.
  • Having a shoeing box that is too short is uncomfortable to work out of.  This box is an optimal height; not too tall or too short.
  • There is an open shelf for any special tools that do not fit into a compartment.
  • Cody stress tested his shoeing box demo for over a year.  It stood up to the challenge.