Tool Exchange Program

"E-Head Fore Punch Tool Exchange Program"

Every farrier destroys punches.  It is just a part of building shoes and the normal wear and tear that comes from using a tool.  This program is designed to help you get the most for your money, and part of our desire to stand behind our product.  If you use this program, you will be able to have a precise fit for every nail without the hassle of having to grind the punches yourself.
You can exchange your used Cody Gregory LLC E-Head Fore Punch for $25 by purchasing our Tool Exchange Service.


The Tool Exchange Program is for punches that still have enough material to meet our minimum length standard when precision ground and returned.  If it has already been reground too far to make the standard, it will not be eligible for the exchange.  Punches that have been heated up will also not be eligible.
Any punch that doesn’t meet the requirement is always eligible for a new punch trade-in.  We will trade-in your used punch plus $45 for a brand new punch if you would prefer.
This program is only for E-head punches, (not drifts). 

"Shipping Policy"

The exchanges can only be made to a US address or in person.  When you send in the punches, you pay to ship them to us and we'll pay to return them to you.  The more that are exchanged at a time, the less shipping will end up being per punch.


If you specify your nail size and section the punch is intended for it will be sharpened for optimum nail fit.

"The Tool Exchange Program is growing!"

We will be expanding on this program in the future.  Be sure to sign up for our newsletter!